Questions Team

Questions Team

What have we done so far?

This team evolved through asking Dorset Council questions initially with the support of Dtaction and consists of members from several other DCAN teams: for example we have asked questions about the Dorset Local Plan, about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy , about the Local Transport Plan and about Pension Divestment, as well as supporting questions from both individuals and parish/town councillors.

What are we doing now and why?

The Questions Team currently continues to support DorsetCAN’s main campaigns: the Great Big Dorset Hedge, a rethink of the Dorset Local Plan and keeping a close eye on the development of the Council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy. We also stand alert and ready to amplify questions emerging from other climate and ecological campaigns throughout the county as well as lobbying local MP’s when necessary.

Future Plans

One idea for the future was that the Question Team should have a rep from each member organisation that would like to be represented so that we can share information and priorities more easily, as well as offering support whenever necessary to highlight a particular action.

Our intention is to work effectively alongside other groups, so that we can hold Dorset & BCP Councils, and our MPs to account by asking pertinent and incisive questions.

Interested in getting involved? We warmly welcome any new members at any stage, particularly if you would enjoy asking questions by email or face to face with councillors and MPs.

Contact: Sandra Reeve mob 077342138942 or

Questions Team

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