Land Use Team

Land Use Team

What have we done so far?

Established the function of the land use group is to act as a network to support and enable local projects in the following areas:

  • This team leads work on the Great Big Dorset Hedge project, including accessing funding for it, engaging local communities and carrying out mapping and survey work
  • Tree protection - understanding the regulations and how to defend our trees
  • Lifelines projects- encouraging community interaction, investigating the use of herbicides / pesticides and alternative practices
  • Wildlife restoration networks / corridors
  • Food production - sustainable local production methods.

What are we doing now and what’s next?

  • Focusing on tree and hedgerow projects as grants are available now and need to be applied for.
  • Establishing a database of information links.

What’s next/future plans?

  • The Great Big Dorset Hedge
  • Focus on sustainable food systems
  • Continue to gather data on the different aspects of Land Use related projects
  • Future plans / visions:
  • Clean Rivers and Seas
  • Locally produced food without plastic packaging
  • Trees genuinely protected
  • Farming without reliance on pesticides and herbicides

Policy Successes

  1. Held an open event on Land Use and Biodiversity
  2. Hosted a presentation by the Dorset National Park Team
  3. Ran an online meeting on Food Systems & Forest Gardens: how to make change happen in your community.
  4. Supported community conservation and rewilding proposals

Interested in getting involved?

We need help with submitting info onto a database (call Julie 07791741687). Experts in mapping would also be useful as map analysis is a useful basis for many land use projects.​

Contact Julie or Ian if you’d like to join the Land-use Team.


Land Use Team

Focusing on farming, land management, wildlife and biodiversity


We care about both agriculture and wild-areas (especially: wildlife and biodiversity)




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