Media Team

Media Team

What have we done so far?

  • Tracee Cossey has masterminded a detailed social media strategy for us and set up our social media assets.
  • The Dorset Action team has shared their media contacts list and councillors database.
  • Colin Tracy has provided some stunning photographs to enhance the website and social media pages. These are great examples of groups and individuals with similar aims sharing their resources and skills with DCAN. Thank you!
  • Belinda Bawden, Vicki Elcoate & Alexandra Stephen have been working on an improved and enhanced website and developed our logo.
  • Andrew Carey edits and distributes regular newsletters on issues of concern to the Dorset CAN audience and has worked tirelessly to keep our website up to date.

What are we doing now and what’s next?

  • Building our social media presence
  • Undertaking press work for our campaigns
  • More in depth newsletters

Future plans?

  • Engage more people to help with the comms
  • Support the events and campaigns programme
  • Attract more followers on social media

How you can get involved

Are you excited by Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram? Please join our small team and spread the DCAN joy. Contact Tracee Cossey - - or Belinda Bawden -

Policy Successes

  1. Daily postings on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  2. Over 15,000 engagements on social media
  3. Radio and press coverage on our response to the Dorset Local Plan
  4. New ‘Dorset Deserves Better’ and ‘Great Big Dorset Hedge’ campaigns attracting media interest
  5. Popular monthly newsletter packed with news, events, ideas and inspiring community climate and environmental case studies from all over Dorset

Media Team

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Engaging communications to inspire optimism and action. We CAN!




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