Transport Team

Transport Team

What have we done so far?

  • At our initial meeting we all put forward ideas we thought the Transport Group might work on, and came up with a list of 9 possible topics.
  • Since then we have been educating ourselves about transport, using information such as government publications, e.g. Gear change and Bus back better, Dorset Council Documents e.g Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset Local Transport Plan 3, and sharing knowledge and links between ourselves.
  • We contributed to the Dorset CAN Dorset Local Plan consultation submission.
  • We contributed to the Travel Better chapter of Zero Carbon Dorset’s “Dorset 2030” Report.
  • We have built relationships with Dorset Transport Action Groups, with several group members having joined the Transport Team.
  • Having raised the profile of Dorset Transport Action Groups, we have helped stimulate the formation of two new Transport Action Group – Dorchester TAG and Weymouth TAG.

What are we doing now and what’s next?

  • We are supporting the 20s Plenty for Us campaign in Dorset.
  • We are looking at assisting with the organisation of Car Free Days at several locations across Dorset, to raise the profile of the use of public transport and active travel across Dorset.
  • We continue to share both National and Local transport updates and information on a monthly basis.

What’s next/future plans?

  • We will continue to support 20mph speed limits across Dorset where requested by local communities, as well as Car Free Days.
  • We will provide expertise and feedback to DC and BCP and contribute to the next Local Transport Plan, and help the Dorset TAGs develop local Transport Strategies.

Interested in getting involved?

  • No transport expertise required, just interest and enthusiasm for all matters transport wise!
  • Contact Helen Sumbler on Helen would appreciate help coordinating this team. If you’re interested and able to help please contact her direct.

Transport Team

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Sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise about transport, mobility and access.


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Regular transport meetings are held usually monthly, anyone is welcome to attend - contact Helen Sumbler for details of the next meeting if you are interested.


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