Events & Facilitation Team

Events & Facilitation Team

We attend many different events across Dorset each year to raise our profile and network with other groups and organisations. You can view the events we plan to attend this year here: 2023 Dorset Fairs & Fetes we attend | DCAN (

We also organise ongoing events held online on Zoom for our membership, the public and any interested organisations to attend. We invite notable speakers who are knowledgeable and recognised in their field and encourage attendees to ask questions and participate in discussions. Past online events include:

Bright Blue Dorset - Cleaning up our Rivers Together

Retrofit your home & Lower your Carbon Footprint

Onshore Windfarms in Dorset - What are the Obstacles

Community Solar Event - Solar Streets & Community Solar Initiatives

Many more events to come! To hear about them please join us here: Join Us | DCAN (

Events & Facilitation Team


Ensuring a DCAN presence at many Dorset Events & Organising our own Events




● Colin Tracy -
● Sandra Reeve -


Ensuring a DCAN presence at Fairs. Fetes and Eco Events across Dorset and Organising our own Events around many informative subjects

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