Identify Hedge Structures with the Adams Code

As a volunteer, you will be asked to record the species present in, and assess the condition of, lengths of hedgerow. (See more about this in John Calders 6-minute film for volunteers.)

To assess the condition of a hedge, we ask you to use the Adams Code (mentioned in the film). This wonderfully useful code was developed by Nigel Adams (his website is here) and is used on the website of the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species. We are very grateful to Nigel Adams and PTES for their permission to use the code and the above graphics .

​Below is a quick guide to the code you can download and, below that, are links to more detail on each hedge type, with further links to photos to help you identify which is which in the hedgerow you’re assessing.

Download the Adams Hedgerow Management Key

View Hedge Structures ( which ties in nicely with the Hedge Management Cycle (