The Truth About Greenwashing

The Truth About Greenwashing

The Truth about Greenwashing

Wednesday 5th June 7pm - 8.45pm

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What is the truth of the greenwashing accusation made against private and public sector initiatives and what can be done about it?

The event is in the form of a chaired panel discussion with 10-min presentations by four speakers followed by Q&A with participants on:

  • An overview of the greenwashing issue and its dangers
  • How the next generation (Gen Z) is dealing with it
  • How the BCorp system works and is it a way forward
  • Greenwashing in local government and could BCorp help


Richard Thomas (Chair) - Introduction: ‘Greenwashing is the lie that could doom the world’ - Josh Jackman, EcoExperts

Martin Brown Fairsnape - The Greenwashing issue: Latest developments

Jo Watchman Content Coms - The Gen Z response

Amber Harrison Folde - The B-Corp solution

Read about the speakers below

Questions to the panel

Registration Required - Register for the Event using this link


About the Speakers:

Martin Brown Fairsnape - Has 50 years of UK and overseas experience in the built environment, including project management, business improvement and regenerative sustainability. He is the author of ‘The Regenerative Playbook’ (Regen, 2022) which challenges conventional definitions and actions of sustainability. A fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), he describes himself as a regenerative sustainability provocateur at Fairsnape, a Lancashire-based consultancy he set up in 2004 to support, counsel and provoke individuals and organisations on regenerative journeys, discoveries and approaches. He is vice-president of Living Future Europe, an International Living Future Institute ‘Living Hero’ (2018), a co-founder of ConstructCO2, an online construction carbon tool, and co-founder and vice chair of RESTORE (Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy), a four-year EU cost action research network. He is the author of ‘FutuREstorative: Working Towards a New Sustainability’ (RIBA Publishing, 2016), produces a regular and influential regenerative themed newsletter Regen Notes and is a contributor to ‘The Anti-Greenwash Playbook’ (Content Coms, 2022).

Jo Watchman Content Coms - Joanna is the founder and MD of B Corp-certified communications agency Content Coms and founder of Work in Mind - that claims to be the world’s only resource dedicated to driving awareness of the connection between buildings and physical and mental health. A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, she is co-publisher of ‘The Regenerative Playbook’ (Regen, 2022) and publisher of the pioneering ‘The Anti-Greenwash Playbook’ (2022), the first handbook to distill clear guidance for commercial interests on truth-telling in product marketing as well as reflecting the Competition & Markets Authority’s own Green Claims Code. Joanna is based in Wiltshire, but her work takes her all over Europe.

Amber Harrison Folde - Before becoming one of the co-founders in 2020 of nature-themed bookshop FOLDE - based at the top of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury and recently awarded Best Independent Bookshop in the South West - Amber worked in sustainability in the corporate world for close on two decades, heading up sustainability for a global IT aviation organisation. FOLDE has a strong focus on sustainability and the environment and became a certified B Corp in April this year. As well as managing the bookshop, Amber continues to work with UK and European companies on their sustainability strategies and reporting.

The Truth About Greenwashing

Jun 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm
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The Truth about Greenwashing - What is the truth of the greenwashing accusation made against private and public sector initiatives and what can be done about it?


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