Julia Hailes Rewilding

I’ve written or co-written nine environmental books, including  The Green Consumer Guide (with John Elkington)  which sold over 1m copies worldwide. In 1987 I co-founded environmental think tank, SustainAbility and since then have worked with a wide range of companies advising them on issues such as waste, recycling, packaging energy, climate change and deforestation. 

I work from my home in Dorset and am lucky enough to have spent most of Covid 2020 starting a wilding project.  Working with Operation Future Hope, we’ve been creating habitats for a wide variety of species from bees to barn owls – installing ponds, sowing wildflower meadows and nurturing our hedges and edges.  Lots more wilding projects to come – keep up with some of them on my blogs… 

Julia Hailes Rewilding


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