Dorset COP 2024 - Saturday 2nd Nov

Dorset COP 2024 - Saturday 2nd Nov

Dorset COP 2024

Last year more than 100 organisations and 250 individuals came together for the UK’s first community-led COP (see below). In a sweltering Dorchester Corn Exchange delegates heard from expert speakers, activists and local groups, participated in a Citizens Assembly and Workshops, shared learning and made personal pledges to act on the climate and associated crises.

Since the event we have seen more climate records tumble, witnessed more global instability and, despite some encouraging initiatives, little of the required urgency from our local leaders. Nationally many areas are going backwards.

As the crises deepen it’s even clearer that communities will need to build local resilience and take action themselves. That’s our aim for this year’s COP: to help build the plans that community groups need to take throughout the coming year.


As part of this we are inviting local groups who would like to lead action-oriented sessions, in line with our aims, to submit a proposal for consideration.

These will need to be submitted by the end of June and, during July, the Steering Group will choose those which offer the best mix for the day.

Nothing is off limits, but preference will be given to those areas not covered in detail lastyear (e.g. transport, food).

To be considered please download and complete the form below and return to

by 30 June.

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Dorset COP 2024 - Saturday 2nd Nov

Nov 2, 2024 at 9:00 am
(@ Bournemouth University)


Dorset COP 2024 - Will be held on Saturday 2nd November at Bournemouth University.


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